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Rincon Amine Plant


  • Corrosion problems at an Amine Plant eventually caused a Contactor (at about 1000 psi) to break free from its foundation and crash into a compressor building, narrowly missing several gas compressors. This caused gas production to drop until a replacement plant could be constructed.


  • Installed new PLC to control the new Amine Plant.
  • Installed new HMI to interface with the Amine Plant PLC. Integrated this HMI with the existing plant-wide HMI, adding a new interface, new screens, and a streamlined network architecture.
  • Upgraded the existing SCADA system with new computers, network switches and protocols, and PLC communication cards.
  • Modified PLC and HMI programming to allow safety devices to be placed in bypass (with an administrator password) to allow for monthly testing without shutting down the plant.
  • Installed real-time corrosion monitoring system.
  • Provided detailed electrical drawings including:
    • PLC drawings
    • Conduit Layout drawings
    • Interconnection drawings
    • Motor control drawings
    • Networking drawing


  • Increased product quality.
  • More productive employees.
  • More reliable equipment.
  • Able to achieve environmental and safety compliance.


Client: Nuevo Energy Company
Location: Rincon, CA

  • (2) Siemens/TI 545
  • (2) Allen Bradley SLC 5/05
  • (2) Allen Bradley SLC 5/04
  • (3) DirectLogic D2-260
  • (1) DirectLogic D2-250(-1)
  • (1) DirectLogic D0-06
  • 833 discrete, 328 analog
  • (5) SCADA nodes - Wonderware InTouch 7.11
  • 4820 tagnames
Remote Alarming:
  • none
Data Historian:
  • Custom Visual Basic application (provided by others) with Microsoft Excel.
Other Components Integrated through SCADA:
  • ABB TotalFlow - 6713 flow meter
  • Honeywell - corrosion monitor
  • Micro Motion - mass flow meter
  • Multilin - power management relay
  • SCADApack - Daniels gas chromatograph data
  • Security Camera (web enabled)
  • Systron Donner - fire detection panel
  • WindowsNT service pack 4
Networking, Protocols, and Drivers:
  • Data Highway Plus
  • Modbus RTU
  • TCP/IP
  • EIA-568A
  • RS-232
  • RS-485
  • AB1784KT (Data Highway Plus driver)
  • ABTCP (AB Ethernet driver)
  • CTI-2572 (TI Ethernet driver)
  • DSData (OPC and DDE communication driver)