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What is an Electrical System?

The Electrical System includes all the elements necessary to generate, distribute, and control electrical energy—from the electrical Service (or generator) at one end of the system to switches, pilot lights, motors and valves at the other.

What We Do

We design, install, test, troubleshoot, and repair electrical systems.

Experience - Design

We have experience designing electrical systems, including:

  • Conduit Routing

  • Electrical Calculations
    • branch circuit and feeder conductor size
    • branch circuit and feeder short-circuit protection
      • ampacity correction
      • ampacity derating
    • conduit and box fill
    • controller, starter and disconnect sizing
    • equipment grounding conductors and grounding electrode conductors
    • motor overload and short circuit protection
    • transformer sizing

  • Motor Control Circuits

  • Hazardous (Classified) Locations, Equipment Specification
    • explosionproof enclosures
    • explosionproof wiring methods
    • explosionproof equipment
    • purged and pressurized enclosures
    • sealing requirements
    • special requirements for bonding and grounding equipment
    • intrinsically safe equipment and circuits

Experience - Service

We have experience installing, testing, troubleshooting and repairing electrical systems, including:

  • Conduit and Cabling Systems: Install and Repair
    • 1/2" - 6" Rigid Conduit: galvanized steel, PVC Coated, or aluminum; 1/2" - 4" EMT
    • Cable Tray Systems, Wireways, and Gutters
    • Duct Banks and Vaults
    • Hazardous, Corrosive and Marine Locations

  • Wiring Systems: Install, Terminate, Test, and Repair
    • Single Conductor or Tray Cable #26 Awg - 750 MCM
    • High, Medium, and Low Voltage Cable
    • Subsea Cable
    • Drilling Rig Cabling Systems
    • Office and Data Wiring Systems
    • Underground Duct Banks
    • Direct Burial Cable, installation and repair

  • Motors: Install and Test
    • Motors: Medium and Low Voltage AC, Synchronous, DC, Multi-speed, Explosionproof
    • Variable Frequency Drives
    • Medium and Low Voltage MCCs
    • Capacitor and Reduced Voltage Starting
    • Electronic Soft Start: Medium and Low Voltage
    • SCADA and PLC Systems Interface
    • Protective Relays and Associated Equipment
    • DC Drilling Rig Systems Including SCR and Air Over Electric

  • Motor Controls: Install, Test, Troubleshoot, and Repair
    • Sizing Overload Heaters, Disconnect Switches, Circuit Breakers, Pump Panels, and Conduit Runs
    • Motor Control Circuits: Relay or PLC-based control

  • Distribution Systems: Install, Test and Repair
    • High, Medium and Low Voltage Switchgear
    • High, Medium and Low Voltage Transformers and Grounding Resistors
    • Surge Protection Systems
    • Power Factor Correction Equipment
    • Power Metering and Analysis Equipment
    • Protective Relays and Associated Equipment

  • Hazardous Location Protection Systems: Install and Replace
    • Explosionproof
    • Intrinsically Safe
    • Purged and Pressurized Enclosures
    • Hermetically Sealed
    • Oil Immersion