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PLC Programming

What is a PLC?

A Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) is a small industrial computer that accepts inputs from field devices (like switches and transmitters) and controls outputs to other field devices (like valves, pumps, and motors). The PLC is distinguished from other computers in that it is:

  • Designed for electrically noisy environments
  • Accepts physical inputs and outputs from field devices
  • Designed so electricians can install, maintain and troubleshoot it


We believe the cost cycle for a PLC installation is lowest when the design takes advantage of maintenance and troubleshooting which can be performed by an experienced electrician... without the need to have a programmer on call. For this reason, our PLC programs use relay ladder logic rather than sequential function charts or state logic.


Our System Integrators have experience with these PLCs:

Allen Bradley
  • ControlLogix Family
  • CompactLogix Family
  • MicroLogix Family
  • SLC 500 Family
  • PLC-5 Family
Automation Direct
  • Productivity 3000 Family
  • DL06 Family
  • DL205 Family
  • DL305 Family
  • DL405 Family
  • TI 505 Family
  • Numalogic