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Control Panel Design and Fabrication

What is a Control Panel?

The Control Panel is an enclosure where field wiring connects to terminal blocks, fuses, breakers, pilot lights, and push buttons before continuing on to the PLC. The PLC is often mounted in the same enclosure, along with components that allow the PLC to communicate through the SCADA system to the rest of the automation system.

The control panel often includes the following items:

  • Control fuses and breakers.
  • Power supply (for field wiring)
  • PLC
    • Base / Rack
    • Power supply (for PLC base)
    • Processor (CPU)
    • I/O cards
    • Communication card
    • Expansion rack
  • Surge suppressor
  • Programming power outlet
  • Network communication devices
    • Industrial Ethernet switch
    • Wi-Fi router
    • Modem
      • Telephone
      • T-1
      • Cellular
    • Protocol converters
    • Spread spectrum radio
    • Firewall
  • 120 VAC power distribution
  • 24 VDC power distribution
  • Relays, pilot lights, and pushbuttons


We design panels with plenty of room for expansion later because we know you will be adding to your system as time goes by.


Our panels are designed by experienced designers according to all equipment manufacturer recommendations and built by experienced technicians.