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Systems Integration

What is Systems Integration?

Systems Integration is the art of making all the hardware and software components of an automation system work together seamlessly.

The major components which need to be integrated include:

  • Field Devices - switches, transmitters, valves, pumps, and motors
  • PLC - Programmable Logic Controller - the brains of the system
  • HMI - Human Machine Interface - the graphical interface which accesses the brain
  • SCADA - Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition - networking and superstructure
  • Data Historian - data storage, retrieval, and trending

We offer a detailed 6-step plan to fully implement any automation strategy... from the initial feasibility study to long-term support after the system is up and running.

But the essence of that plan is making these five components work together. Our Systems Integrators have experience in all of these areas: from installing and wiring up field devices to structuring the database which will contain your plant data. It is this breadth of experience which allows them to offer solutions which match your needs.