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Vapor Recovery Compressor


  • An existing vapor recovery compressor in a remote location would periodically shut down, causing a tank to over-pressure and vent hydrocarbon gases to the atmosphere.
  • Operators would then be dispatched to correct the problem, but they needed to drive 40 miles to get to the compressor station.


  • A backup compressor was installed (by others).
  • Installed a PLC to automate both the primary and backup compressors with lead/lag control based on operator-defined setpoints.
  • Installed a SCADA system to collect critical compressor data from a remote location to the operator control room so operators could monitor compressor status and schedule maintenance before breakdowns occurred.
  • Provided detailed electrical drawings including:
    • PLC drawings
    • Conduit Layout drawings
    • Motor control drawings


  • More productive employees.
  • More reliable equipment.
  • Able to achieve environmental compliance.


Client: Aera Energy, LLC
Location: Ventura, CA

  • (1) Allen Bradley SLC 5/04
  • 64 discrete, 4 analog
  • (1) SCADA node - Wonderware InTouch 7.11 (provided by others)
Remote Alarming:
  • Paging system (provided by others)
Data Historian:
  • Wonderware InSQL Server (provided by others)
Other Components Integrated through SCADA:
  • ABB TotalFlow - 6713 flow meter
  • YZ - NJEX 7300G chemical injection skid
  • Motorola - 202T modem
Networking, Protocols, and Drivers:
  • Data Highway Plus
  • DF1
  • Modbus RTU
  • RS-232
  • RS-485
  • RSLinx
  • WWRSLinx