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Remote Tank Farm


Company purchased an oil lease from a previous operator, only to discover that the existing SCADA system was not included in the purchase price! A new SCADA system had to be created from scratch with the following requirements:

  • HMI - cross-platform, web-based
  • Trends - real-time and historical trends, configurable by operators
  • Security - allow managers to add and remove users and assign roles
  • Alarms - alarm notification, with escalation for unacknowledged alarms
  • Database - archive historical and alarm data into a database
  • Remote Access - secure, remote access, so operators could view plant data remotely


  • Installed Ignition 7.5, which runs on Windows, Linux, OS X, Android, and iOS
  • Created real-time and historical trend screens with a 'tag picker', which allows operators to trend whatever tags they want
  • Configured the security model so it is accessible from within the HMI, allowing managers to:
    • Create and delete users
    • Assign security roles to users
  • Created alarm notification pipelines which allowed for:
    • SMS (text) messages to operator phones
    • Alarm escalation when an alarm was not acknowledged
    • Email messages from a web-based email server
    • User-defined operator schedules and rosters
    • A means for managers to modify the schedules and rosters from within the HMI
  • Created a MySQL database to archive historical and alarm data. Piped the data from the OPC-UA communication driver directly into the database with the Ignition SQL Bridge module
  • Installed a Dell SonicWall firewall and configured a virtual private network (VPN) so operators could connect to the Ignition gateway with their company laptops from off-site


  • Increased product quality.
  • More productive employees.
  • More reliable equipment.
  • Better able to document environmental compliance.


Client: Amrich Energy, Inc.
Location: Santa Maria, CA

  • (1) Automation Direct P3-550 (provided by others)
  • 48 discrete, 16 analog
  • (1) SCADA node - Ignition 7.5
  • 120 tagnames
Networking and Remote Access:
  • Cellular modem - Internet access
  • Wi-Fi - non-secured access to the Internet
  • Firewall - restricted access to plant PLC and HMI
  • VPN - secure hole through the firewall for remote monitoring of PLC and HMI
Remote Alarming:
  • Ignition (email, text messages)
Data Historian:
  • SQL Bridge Module (Ignition-to-MySQL)
Other Components Integrated through SCADA:
  • Automation Direct - managed Ethernet switch
  • AdTran - T-1 modem
  • Dell SonicWall - firewall
  • Moxa - protocol converter
  • NuFlo - flow meter (Modbus RTU)
  • Pepwave - cellular modem
  • Unico - variable speed drive (Modbus TCP)
Networking, Protocols, and Drivers:
  • Modbus RTU
  • Modbus TCP
  • TCP/IP
  • EIA-568A
  • RS-485
  • OPC-UA (Ignition OPC communication driver)